We Launched Our Podcast: Morning Smiles

Morning Smiles: Embracing Sobriety and Redefining Social Norms

When it comes to social gatherings, conferences, and business events, the predominant focus often revolves around the presence of alcohol. The expectation to participate in drinking activities can make individuals who choose not to drink or drink less feel isolated and misunderstood. Addressing and reshaping this narrative is the crux of the thought-provoking Morning Smiles podcast, which focuses on conscious living and celebrates sobriety. Hosted by Margy Schaller and Laura Nelson, the podcast delves deep into the challenges and triumphs of navigating social settings without alcohol.

In the first episode of the Morning Smiles podcast, Margy Schaller, co-founder of Sober Life Rocks, shares her personal journey of sobriety and the trials she faced in social and professional realms.


00:00 Upbringing with an alcoholic mother led to alcoholism.
05:53 Struggle with alcohol, intervention, rehabilitation, family support.
08:15 New dentist, sober, uncomfortably ordering wine.
13:17 Eight years ago, the speaker coach shared a personal story.
14:14 Upbringing in chaos leads to repeating patterns.
17:50 Joint story about sobriety discovered at conference.
23:00 Changing sobriety stigma through industry-focused events/podcasts.

With profound insight and candid storytelling, Margy sheds light on the societal pressures faced by those who choose not to consume alcohol and the importance of creating a supportive community for individuals embracing sobriety.

The episode opens with Laura Nelson emphasizing the purpose of the Morning Smiles podcast, which is to highlight stories and discussions that foster conscious decision-making in social settings. Laura sets the tone by emphasizing the importance of making the right choices today to ensure smiling tomorrow. The goal is to provide inspiration and a sense of community for individuals seeking positivity on their journeys.

As Margy introduces herself and recounts her experiences, her narrative resonates with individuals who have felt the weight of societal expectations. Her authenticity shines through as she discussing her initial encounters with alcohol and the progression of her drinking habits, revealing the common yet often unspoken struggles that many face in relation to alcohol consumption.

Reflecting on her journey, Margy shares a pivotal moment that led to her sobriety, stating, “February 7, 2005 is my sobriety date. So, for those of you listening, currently, that means that I’m almost 19 years sober.”This milestone marks a profound transformation in her life, as she courageously opens up about the intervention that sparked her path towards sobriety. She recounts the family educational weekend organized by her parents, which provided her with a new perspective on the effects of alcohol and the realization that she was no longer in control of her drinking habits.

Margy also articulates the challenges she faced upon re-entering the professional world as a sober individual. Her experiences at business meetings and conferences, where alcohol was often the focal point, shed light on the difficulties of staying committed to sobriety amid societal pressures. These experiences underscore the need to redefine societal norms and to offer support for those choosing sobriety in various social and professional settings.

Morning Smiles: One of the critical moments in the podcast occurs when Margy narrates her experience at a speaker development conference, where she chose to share her sobriety journey with the audience.

The sense of connection and understanding that ensued was a pivotal realization for Margy, as she states, “So my other business is I’m a speaker coach, and I had the opportunity to give a presentation for the first time to a conference of all speakers. It was sort of a speaker development conference… I made the decision that the best thing for me to do was to really share my why story.” This act of vulnerability and courage led to an outpouring of understanding and empathy from her audience, highlighting the power of sharing personal experiences and breaking the chains of silence surrounding sobriety.

Following this transformative experience, Margy and Laura embarked on a mission to uplift and empower individuals through the creation of the Morning Smiles podcast and Sober Life Rocks. The podcast serves as a platform to amplify diverse experiences and provide a voice for those navigating sobriety in social and professional contexts. In their conversation, Laura shares, “We just want to change the way the stigma is out there,” encapsulating the essence of their collective endeavor.

For Margy and Laura, the need to redefine social norms and foster a community that embraces sobriety is a central theme of their podcast. As Laura aptly states, “the idea with Morning Smiles podcast is to just bring light on this subject and talk about it,” encapsulating their mission to advocate for inclusivity and understanding in social gatherings and professional environments.

The podcast not only highlights the challenges but also celebrates the triumphs and transformations that individuals experience on their sobriety journey. This transformative journey is best encapsulated by Margy when she shares, “The cycle of drinking has been broken. I would now like to break the chain of silence. I want to break the chain of stigma and shame and quiet and all of that and celebrate and bring to light.” This powerful expression underscores the resilience and determination of individuals who have chosen sobriety, marking a profound shift in societal perspectives and personal empowerment.

The Morning Smiles podcast serves as a beacon of hope and understanding for individuals navigating sobriety in social and professional settings. Margy and Laura’s unwavering commitment to dismantling societal norms surrounding alcohol consumption and fostering an environment of inclusivity and support is truly commendable. The podcast stands as a testament to the power of personal narratives, empathy, and authentic conversations in reshaping societal perspectives and promoting conscious decision-making. As they continue to advocate for a more inclusive and understanding society, the Morning Smiles podcast offers a ray of hope for individuals who choose sobriety, ensuring that no one needs to navigate this journey alone.

The transformative power of Margy and Laura’s podcast Morning Smiles extends beyond the realm of sobriety, fostering inclusivity, empathy, and understanding in all facets of life. With each episode, they are instrumental in shaping a brighter, more conscious tomorrow for individuals, one authentic story at a time.

Morning Smiles Timestamps:


      • “February 7, 2005 is my sobriety date. So, for those of you listening, currently, that means that I’m almost 19 years sober.”: Margy Schaller [00:05:08]

      • “We just want to change the way the stigma is out there.”: Laura Nelson [00:23:00]

      • “The cycle of drinking has been broken. I would now like to break the chain of silence. I want to break the chain of stigma and shame and quiet and all of that and celebrate and bring to light.”: Margy Schaller [00:22:29]

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