Live Mindfully ~ Even at a Dental Conference

The term “mindful living” has been thrown around so much in recent years, but what does it really mean?  To put it simply, it’s a way of living that prioritizes awareness, intentionality, and sustainability. It’s about being mindful of our thoughts and feelings, of being present in each moment, and actively practicing self-care.

By living mindfully, we are transformed and empowered. By being intentional and aware in each moment, we can make conscious choices that align with our values and promote our well-being and the health of the whole planet. 

Live Mindfully: The benefits can be tremendous when we implement even a few mindful moments into our busy lives:


      • Reduced stress and anxiety

      • Increased self-awareness

      • Improved mental health

      • Greater empathy and compassion for others

      • Increased focus and productivity

      • Improved relationships

    This is even more important when we get out of our home routine and into the whirlwind of travel and conferences. A couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever, I felt energized instead of exhausted at the end of a three-day dental conference! Why? Because I listened to the advice I was given by a group of women (Dental Entrepreneur Women, to be exact) then tested it out at the Yankee Dental Conference. I’ll share what worked for me in hopes you’ll feel energized at the end of the next conference you attend too! 


    Live Mindfully

    YOGA: A little stretch & breathing sesh every morning goes a long way! I happen to live locally, so I brought yoga mats for me and my friends. For flights, I like to put a foldable travel mat in my luggage.

    PAUSE & PLAN: The exhibit hall is noisy and overstimulating. Because I wasn’t working a booth, I paused to make a plan before jumping in. I chose who I wanted to connect with, then walked in, went directly to those booths, and and then skated out (literally). The rest of my between-class time was mine to relax and enjoy the city.

    SOLID SNACKS & MEALS: I brought nuts and dried fruit to go with my morning devotional. After the morning lecture, I walked to a local health food store to pick out lunch items that make me feel good. When I learned there were free root beer floats available, I added that in for a little splurge. At restaurants, I tried to keep my choices light and full of veggies (except for the time I overate and regretted it all afternoon).

    FIND FRIENDS: Whether it’s crossing paths for a quick hug or scheduling in a longer catch-up chat, I made sure to connect with people who light me up. My morning prayer, “Please guide me to the people I need to meet” turned into new and miraculous friendships, too. 

    WATER, WATER, & MORE WATER: I sipped water all day and toasted “cheers” with a glass of water at dinner. The frequent bathroom breaks became my built-in reset time to breathe and be alone for a bit.

    SIGN UP FOR HIGH ENERGY SPEAKERS: When I walk in the room and the speaker is looking alive and ready to serve me some sparkling CE, it feels like I’ve arrived! If you ever find yourself in a lecture where the speaker drones on and on, consider getting up and stepping out. There are plenty of ways to get CE. Why give up precious hours of your life you’ll never get back.

    DARE TO NOT FILL UP YOUR SCHEDULE: Until now, I’ve always booked each conference day with morning and evening courses. Why? I don’t know! It didn’t even cross my mind to do anything else. But in my new quest for mindfulness, I decided that, by Saturday, I’d be ready to sleep in and take my time getting to the conference center. It was brilliant. I felt fresh and ready to connect with people, enjoy the afternoon info, and return home to enjoy my family.

    BUILD IN TIME TO PROCESS & IMPLEMENT CHANGES: When it was all over, I gave myself permission to slowly integrate new info. Instead of feeling pressured to post on social media right away, immediately send follow-up emails, and implement clinical changes perfectly on my first patient, I’m giving myself permission to assimilate slowly … which carries with it the same freedom and flow as slow deep breaths in and out through my nose.

    Mindfulness is a journey that begins with small steps, but with each mindful act, we truly change at a cellular level and inspire that same positive change in others. Next time you travel to a conference, I invite you to listen to your body, honor your energy levels, eat and drink well, and enjoy the gift of mindful living.

    Written By: Lori Bulloch, Hygienist / Yoga Instructor / Natural Health Educator



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