A Culture of Inclusivity: Sober Life Rocks Mission

Reflecting on my experiences throughout the whirlwind of conferences in 2023, I encountered some moments that sparked introspection. There was the kickoff networking party where a friend asked if he could get me something from the bar. When I said a club soda and lime (my go-to for these events), he looked at me with dismay and said “Is that all? Come on, let loose a bit!”. Another time, an evening activity had been booked at a lively bar. While I appreciate the ambiance, the emphasis on imbibing seemed to overshadow the event’s purpose, prompting me to pass on participating. Then there was the champagne toast with no alternative offered. But the worst was a party where the bartender didn’t even have soda and sneered at me when I ultimately asked for water.

Culture of Inclusivity: In all honesty, I am confident that those involved never intended to cause offense or exclusion. Their oversight stemmed from a societal expectation that alcohol often takes center stage without question.

As a co-founder of Sober Life Rocks, my mission resonates even more profoundly. It’s about fostering a space where nobody, regardless of their relationship with alcohol, feels sidelined. How do we achieve this? By igniting conversations, cultivating a community of kindred spirits who uplift each other’s choices, and collaborating with event planners to diversify offerings that cater to everyone’s idea of fun, thus enriching our networking experiences at dental meetings.

Culture of Inclusivity, together, let’s pave the way for inclusive gatherings that celebrate diverse preferences and amplify the joy of connection without the barriers of alcohol-centric norms. Join us on this journey, as we redefine what it means to truly normalize sober choices!

Culture of Inclusivity: Here is how you can get involved in Sober Life Rocks:

Whether you join us or support from the sidelines, your involvement is cherished. Help us spread the word, connect us with influencers, and back us in ways you see fit.


      • Be a voice:


            • Help us spread the word, introduce us to people of influence, and support us in whatever ways you or your organization sees as a good fit! As an army of people, we can make an impact on dental meetings!

        • Support in any way


              • In order for us to disrupt and improve the current norms, it will take more than an army. Talk with us about ways you can sponsor the Sober Life Rocks mission.

          • Promote to meeting planners


                • We need your help in promoting the idea of normalizing sober choices at dental meetings by having this discussion with the decision-makers and connecting them with us for engaging dialogues.

            • Book a meeting with us


                  • Eager to contribute to the Sober Life Rocks mission? Schedule a meeting with us today!

            Please use our Calendly Link to book a call:


            Everyone can play a role in changing the landscape of professional networking in the dental industry. Together, as a united front, we can make a significant impact, ensuring that all attendees have a place and a voice in these important gatherings. Join us in making a difference!

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